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(LIVE) How Companies Can Use Marketing to Grow in 2021 w/Mehak Vohra

By Anthony Taylor - July 22, 2021


On August 19th at 1:30pm PT (4:30pm ET), we'll be going LIVE for:

How Companies Can Use Marketing to Grow in 2021 (with Mehak Vohra)

SkillBank CEO, Thiel Fellowship Finalist, & youngest ever San Francisco mayoral candidate. 


Mehak is the CEO of SkillBank, a marketing school that's completely free upfront, and helps people land their dream marketing job in 15 weeks. You only pay for tuition once you land your first job earning $40k or more. SkillBank just closed $1.3 million in seed funding from investors including Jason Calacanis, Soma Capital, Hustle Fund, TikTok influencers/Sway LA members (Josh Richards and Griffin Johnson), and the Apartment List CEO. Mehak-Vohra-SkillBank-CEO

Mehak was a Computer Science student at Purdue University, before dropping out in 2016, after her sophomore year. She then made it her goal to build the most scalable marketing agency in world, going on to run Jamocha Media for 4 years. In her peak she was generating 1-2M views per month on LinkedIn for herself and her clients.

In 2019, Mehak decided to pass Jamocha on and started SkillBank - marketing bootcamp that's completely free upfront. If someone is motivated to land a job in marketing, SkillBank is there to help.

Be sure to checkout Mehak on her channels, including LinkedIn and Twitter.

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