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CEO- Cleantech Service group

Our group of owners, C level executive, and Sr. Managers worked with Anthony throughout an offsite strategic planning session and were all impressed with his way of helping us come to a unified, deliberate, goal oriented path to take back to our company. Anthony is wise, with a great energy, and showed tact, respect, and adeptness in leading us through a logical and progressive process in our time together. We all look forward to working in the months to come as Anthony checks in on us and keeps us to account on the goals and objectives to which we have committed.

I would recommend Anthony without hesitation for other small to medium organizations looking for clarity on a way forward.
Steve Enstad
Steve Enstad
President and CEO at PageDNA

Anthony Taylor was instrumental in helping PageDNA with company strategy definition. I believe he has set us up with a living template to use going forward, so we can continue to refine our strategy as our customer needs and our company evolves. Anthony is, in a few words, highly recommended!

Background and more details:

Anthony was recommended to us by a peer in a CEO Group I belong to, Vistage. We first met with Anthony in late 2016 for an offsite meeting with ownership, our VP of Operations and our Directors.

At this offsite meeting, Anthony lead a highly collaborate process that helped the team crystallize our Values/Vision as well as a Mission Statement - with everyone contributing. After this difficult yet rewarding process, Anthony then lead another process wherein we identified three key Objectives - focus areas PageDNA will be focusing on for the next 12-18 months in order to further our Mission of supporting our customers.

Finally, Anthony helped guide us toward creating Specific, time-bound and measurable goals for each of these focus areas.

Following this meeting, PageDNA had a company-wide meeting to socialize the goals and bring the entire team into alignment. Anthony (sagely) advised leadership to let the entire company - at all levels - contribute their own ideas toward these Objectives. I was very pleased to see a high level of engagement from all team members, with some very innovative and even suprising ideas coming out of that discussion (more than 150 suggestions were tendered, in fact!).

We’ve since formed teams that are focusing on specific strategies and tactics to achieve these objectives, and will be continuing to keep PageDNA’s strategy front-of-mind in our ongoing company-wide meetings.

The feedback from the team was positive. Everyone - from ownership, to team leads, to individual contributors - now knows better than ever what the company is focusing on, why we are doing so, and also - critically - everyone has specific areas where they are able to contribute to this mission, going forward.

Thank you, Anthony!



Jeff Erickson, CA, CFA
Jeff Erickson, CA, CFA
Vice-President & Chief Financial Officer at Sunova Credit Union

Anthony was very professional in his approach and overall was a pleasure to deal with. He did a great job of leading our team through the process, and addressed challenges head on. We were happy with the foundation we built during the two-day strategic planning session, and will benefit from some of the issues identified throughout.


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Peter Harwood-Stamper
Manufacturing General Manager / President

We had Anthony facilitate a 2-day strategic planning session for our mid-sized manufacturing company. He facilitated a highly creative and interactive session for the 6 members of the leadership team. At the end, we were amazed at how much was accomplished in 2 days. Anthony's confidence in and adherence to his process, coupled with his ability to maintain the team's focus throughout the session, were the keys to getting this done!

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Chelsea Fitzpatrick
CAIB, Commercial Lines Insurance Broker

Even before our strategic planning session, Anthony impressed us. His constant communication, guidance and experience made preparation for our day an easy and exciting process. On the day of our event, he created a safe space for contributions from all of our staff with his gentle direction, wonderful personality and professionalism. We reached a higher level of communication within our organization and became a greater team as a result. Anthony helped us identify key areas of focus and a solid plan of action and accountability. The outcome of our strategic planning session surpassed all expectations. We look forward to continuing to work with Anthony in the future!

Amanda Marshall
Amanda Marshall
Archaeologist at Kleanza Consulting Ltd.

Anthony facilitated a 2 day strategic planning session for our company, and he exceeded our expectations! Our company is 100% managed by women, but that didn't seem to scare Anthony. I highly recommend him if you are restructuring, are planning to grow your company, or are experiencing growing pains. Anthony is your guy.

Jocelyn Wilkinson

Extremely professional, always personable, I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work with the dynamic team at SME Strategy Consulting. It takes great talent to command the attention of a room full of CEOs. With flawless facilitation execution SME Strategy Consulting led a group of 150 senior leaders through a World Café exercise that has proved to be a success at this year’s BC Safety Charter Roundtable. Not only do I highly recommend Anthony Taylor and Andrew Reid, I am excited to find opportunities to work with them again.


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Linda Turner
Linda Turner
Langara College and President CHNA

Anthony Taylor worked with our professional practice nursing group last year to conduct a strategic plan. Anthony was excellent in helping us to complete the task in a timely fashion. He demonstrated exemplary communication skills and ability to work within a difficult situation. At all times Anthony was professional, skilled and a delight to work with. I highly recommend Anthony for the strategic planning process. Linda Turner, RN, PhD

Andrea Kosalko
Andrea Kosalko Director Community Relations and Business Development at Summit Camps

We hired Anthony to organize and facilitate our company strategic planning, two day event. There were people in attendance who were new to strategic planning. Anthony was able to create awareness and understanding and guide the group through a well thought out process. He was able to understand and capture information from all participants and produce a useful final report including implementation planning. 
I would not hesitate to recommend Anthony for this type of work.



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